The word Kusadasi apparently comes from ‘kus’ (bird) and ‘ada’ (island) since the region has the appearance of a bird head when seen from the sea.

The region has had a human population from as far back as 3 millenia BC, and there is nowadays plenty of archeological remnants of the many civilisations that have made their mark at Kusadasi over the centuries.

I don’t plan to bore you with the details, but over the years the Ionians, the Hellenists, and the Hittites have all passed through.

I’m a bit of a archaeology enthusiast, therefore if I am able to I always prefer to go for a holiday spot where we might do the usual summer beach chill-out, but in addition do a bit of archaeological sight-seeing. The children generally moan a bit, but they’ll thank me for it eventually! And we tend to complement the archeology with ice creams and water playgrounds and that sort of thing, therefore they generally don’t complain that much.

Next summer’s vacation is all decided. We are heading to Kusadasi in Turkey. My neighbors were there this year, and they came back singing its praises. They were so enthused that we even agreed to see their holiday pictures! Once we’d seen them, we had to admit that Kusadasi looked amazing, so I went online to check out vacations, and identified a wonderful deal: the kids both travel for free because they are under eight. In addition the Kusadasi hotels look amazing. They’re all pretty new and modern, with big swimming-pool areas for the children, and excellent spas for us old adults.

Historical remains at Kusadasi include the town wall, the mosque constructed in 1614, the souk, built in 1619, and a castle.

In addition I fancy the idea of Kirazli Village, a classic pristine Ottoman village ten miles out of Kusadasi, and Kaladacay, a Venetian/Byzantine castle five miles outside Kusadasi. Although I’ve got a feeling that I will not find it easy to get the children to travel to everything on the wishlist.

I suspect I will be obliged to haggle with my better half: if she takes the children to the seaside a couple of days so I am able to enjoy the historical things, I will take them another couple of days so she is able to do her shopping/souvenir/spa thing. In addition there are apparently several water playgrounds, which we all love.