About vacation in Croatia

You don’t usually think about Croatia when it comes to planning your next European vacation, but things are about to change, and change fast. Being a rather unknown Balkan destination, Croatia has steadily been gaining its popularity in the beginning of the century, and has also been closely associated with Game Of Thrones TV show recently, due to Dubrovnik being a set location for series’s King’s Landing. And surely, Dubrovnik deserves its fair share of fame, but there’s definitely so much more to this European country than one city. And speaking of that very city – it is only one of the many attractions alongside the famous Dalmatian coastline (yes, that’s where those cute dogs originated from). Besides Dubrovnik, you will be able to visit many more famous destinations while exploring Dalmatian coast – think of Zadar, Sibenik, Split – so you can experience this fascinating part of Croatia in full.

Once you are done here, you can either continue East and explore Istria, or head to the central part and visit Zagreb – Croatia’s capital. But no matter which destination you’ll end up going to, it’s always better to visit as many places as possible while you can – and that is why we strongly recommend to book a yacht charter in Croatia, and explore the whole country from water. This is your best chance to get the most out of your vacation experience in the country. Not only will you avoid crowds, but can also design your own route, get your private chef and be a part of a completely tailor made experience. Exploring Croatia on a yacht is the fastest and the most convenient way to cover both major landmarks and hidden gems – our experienced captains and their crews will be glad to help you carve the best route, so you have time to both dine in style in one of the local villages, and dive in one of the cleanest lagoons in the region.